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Question: What's the difference between the Ultra-Ion™ waterless car wash and the 'Classic'?

Answer: The "Classic" is the same formulation that's been around for nearly 20 years. It's green in color, and contains a proprietary 'molecular' formula which contains over 50 ingredients. The "Classic" requires no cure time.

The Ultra-Ion™ is a new formulation introduced in 2004, and is 'ionized'. The ionization does several things: First, it attacks organic material such as bugs, tree sap, and bird droppings better than the 'molecular' formula found in the "Classic". Also, since it's 'ionized', it has a slight positive charge, which tends to repel dust better than the 'Classic'.

The other difference with Ultra-Ion™ is that it requires a small amount of cure time. This means that upon application, the product should be wiped in with a terry towel, then allowed to cure, or dry on the surface before buffing. The amount of cure time required varies depending on conditions, but normally, if you work your way around the vehicle by spraying and wiping in, by the time you get back to the panel you started on, you can then begin buffing. Ultra-Ion™ also give superior results on darker colored cars compared to the "Classic"

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